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Protective Orders in Oklahoma

A stalking protection order is a civil court order that is designed to protect you from a stalker by ordering him/her to stop following you and threatening you. Even though you use the same petition as a protective order for … Continue reading

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Private Investigator

The truth of the matter is that the perfect private investigator doesn’t exist, and those using the term “full service” agency in their advertising are making a claim that’s boastful at best, misleading at worst and counterproductive more often than … Continue reading

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Recently Asked Question

Recently I was asked “if I need someone followed, why can’t I do it myself?”  It is a good question but you need to keep one thing in mind.  As a PI, I am the difference in you being arrested … Continue reading

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Any private investigator you consider should be licensed, and if they carry a firearm they should be licensed for that as well. Often, private investigators are retired police officers, military police officers, or other officers of the law. They should … Continue reading

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