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The truth of the matter is that the perfect private investigator doesn’t exist, and those using the term “full service” agency in their advertising are making a claim that’s boastful at best, misleading at worst and counterproductive more often than not. Every Private Investigator  has a core competency – specific areas of expertise – regardless of whether operating as an individual or an agency, and while any one of us may be the right fit for one assignment or one client, we can just as easily be wrong for the next. Trying to be all things to all people is a common charade in the business world today, but it’s a self-defeating practice that does more to undermine lasting client relationships than build them.

Since the leading cause of disappointment is unrealistic expectations,as an ethical private investigator , I will evaluate your situation and your needs carefully, and will be realistic when discussing what I can and can’t do for you. If your particular matter is better served by someone with a skill set outside of my own, I strongly  believe as a truly professional private investigator,  I should refer you to a colleague with the appropriate expertise, thus ensuring your best interests are served as well as your immediate need. Basically, if I can’t help you, I will find you the person who can.

In some situations there may be very little of value that a PI can expect to contribute. It may be more prudent – and more cost-effective – for a prospective client to either seek legal counsel straightaway, or pursue a more appropriate alternative recourse. Ethics are not situational, and it would not be right to simply say whatever it takes to get your retainer. The right private investigator focuses instead on accurately and honestly understanding  your need, then offers a solution that best serves that need, even if that solution doesn’t require his services.

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