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Communication between client and investigator

As a private investigator, Armfield Investigations is in a unique position in today’s world of uncertainty.  We are seriously viewed by most potential clients to be part secret agent, part psychologist and part attorney (while we carry none of these  … Continue reading

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When He ignores the Protective Order

You need to  call the police or sheriff dept at once, even if you think it is a minor violation. This is a must. The protective order is not in force only when you want it to be.  The protection order can … Continue reading

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Stalking Laws in Oklahoma

21 Okl. St. § 1173. Stalking-Penalties. (2000) Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or harasses another person in a manner that: Would cause a reasonable person or a member of the immediate family of that person as defined in subsection F … Continue reading

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