Are you being followed by a PI?

People hire private  investigators for a variety of reasons. Private investigators, or PIs, will follow, photograph, research and otherwise pry into the lives of the targeted individual in an attempt to uncover the truth. Due to the nature of their work, their presence is meant to be undetectable, but there are still some ways you can spot them.
Keep track of the cars parked in front of your house and frequented locations, such as favorite restaurants or work. PIs often like to make physical surveillance observations from the seat of a car that will be parked outside
locations you often visit. If you begin to notice the same car color, make and model, write down its license plate. Verify that this plate is the one you’ve been seeing at other locations.
Watch the people around you, and make a mental note of their faces. If you happen to see the same person showing up in multiple locations, he may be following you. To be sure, make an unexpected detour from your planned itinerary  to see if he follows.
Rearch your home computer for evidence that someone else has been digging  through it. Many PIs are trained in the fields of computer forensics, giving  them the ability to hack into email accounts, review old computer files and   more. In the case of a spouse hiring a PI to investigate the other spouse,  hacking computer files may not even be illegal if the spouse who hired the PI gave his permission to do it. Check for recovered files that you have deleted.
Be suspicious of people who seem out of place. A PI may pose as a client for your business, a coincidental new friend or other alias that may give him access to people and places necessary to obtain proprietary information. If  someone seems illegitimate or out of place, there may be a reason.
Drop a piece of paper on the ground if you suspect that someone is  following you on foot. Legally, trash that you discard is considered free for anyone to take. This includes PIs. Since their job is to acquire as much
information about you as possible, any little thing is useful, including discarded papers. Throwing away a piece of paper you’ve written on is the  perfect decoy to interest a PI and make her reveal her /his identity.
Merge into a crowded area of people or a very specific location to see if the suspected PI follows you. There is little random chance that a non-PI will follow you three blocks onto a particular subway car. Use specific, intended routes to see if your follower is legitimate. This will help you identify a PI quickly
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