Background Checks

It doesn’t matter why or who the person you are investigating is. You can never be too sure about anybody identity until you perform an in depth back ground check to see who you are dealing with. The following are a few typical reasons people come to our office and ask us to help with running a background check.

Job Applicant: Most companies run a background check. The days of a handshake and you are hired is over. A background check on possible applicants shows you are not employing someone with little a bad work history or, worse, a record of criminal behavior. Remember, your employee represents your company and name, if you are the one doing the hiring, you are the one responsible. The people who work for you represent your name to the public.

Babysitter: The nightmare of a parent goes out for one night and come home to find that the babysitter has let something happen to their children. They didn’t pay attention and your child gets hurt. Or even worse, your new babysitter hurts your child. You don’t want just anyone in control of your children’s safety. You need someone you can trust.

Health care professional: The same goes for any medical caregiver who is responsible for the care of an aging parent. Looking into their background will provide comprehensive information to show that they do their job and your parents will have their needs met. Recently, a family was in a rush and hired someone without checking on them. Armfield Investigations found records of drug use, several arrest and outstanding charges. Make sure your family is safe. These decisions should not be rushed.

House keeper: Do you want somebody going through your house and possessions that you do not know?

Online date: Background checks for people met online is a growning part of our business. Anyone can say they are someone they are not and you certainly don’t want to start a relationship on a lie. Check their background for your own safety. I hate to say this, but when asked for background checks for this reason, the news has never been good. Be careful.

Your ex’s new BF/GF : You and your ex are on good terms, and they start dating again, but that new BF/GF has you worried. The kids have said something that has bothered you. Run a background check in private even if it’s just to calm your nerves.

Tenant: You own a property, whoever you decide to rent it to, you want to make sure that they will treat your property as good as their own, they will pay rent on time, or damage your property. This can be expensive and repairs and court cost can add up quickly.

Your own background check: I often advise this after a bad divorce. It is hard enough to start over. Don’t let extra problems show up later. Guard your credit report.

Whatever your reason, it cannot hurt to run a background so you know who you are dealing with. Talk to a private investigator and be safe. Do not find out that was a lie at the worst possible moment.

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