Active Shooter

When at a game, concerts, and the movies,I always choose seats that I feel safe in.  What do I mean? I choose seats that allow good view of the entire room and I always know where the exit is. It may make me sound parinoid but I feel for more comfortable  I always stack the odds in my favor.  I like to know I can leave quickly. It’s the reason I still back in to a space( if you can’t back into it, you can’t back out of it) and I sit with my back to the wall when I’m eating. The world I grew up in no longer exist. Being a child today,being a person today, is totally different.
I know someday I could be in an active shooter situation.  It could be at a concert or a high school event. It could be a theater or mall. I like to go to fairs and outdoor festivals. Any event , someone with a gun can show up. It is sad to have to admit that in such a blunt way, but it is true. I have basic thoughts about what to do in the event this happens. I’d like to share these with you.
Take cover.  I am not talking about just hide, I am talking about cover. I can hide behind a curtain or under a table. I can take cover behind a brick wall.  Bullets don’t go through everything. If I am going to be behind something, I want it to be as hard and thick as possible. I don’t have statistics on  what bullet will go through what. Commons sense says a concrete wall is better than a chair.
I am going to make a decision and move. I don’t care if it is left or right but I am going to move. Any action is better than no action. Make a decsion, indecision will get you killed.  Mindset is everything. “That guy” does not get to decide when I die. He does not have the right.
I am not going to close my eyes and pray. No offense to anyone, but I am not going to wait on a lightning bolt or any other intervention. I am going to keep my eyes open and do something. I read once where it takes an average shooter six seconds to draw a gun, pick a target , aim and fire. That may not sound like a lot of time but it depends which side of the gun you are on.
I am not in the best shape in the world, but I know I can move at least 20 feet in 6  seconds. Most people can.  Think of the term
“Fight or Flight.”  Keeping my eyes open,be aware and make my decision. Make my decision first. “That guy” with the gun has not in this situation either. He pauses to reload, he pauses to decide or his gun doesn’t do like he expected; in that six seconds , I can be on top of him or I can be gone. Decide what you are going to do and do it.
I live in Oklahoma. Concealed carry handguns are permitted. I carry my handgun on a daily bases. I target shoot at least once a month. I don’t poke holes in paper targets, I practive defensive shooting because I know that’s the real reason I carry a gun . I am a private investigator and a process server , but I have no desire to shoot anybody. I am going to know what I have to if I have to. Practice and be aware is the things that will save my life.
The world is a dangerous place , nothing like when I was a child. I still believe in mosters tho. I just know you don’t have to let them win.


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