Oklahoma Private Investigators Fri, 04 Oct 2013 05:56:11 +0000 en hourly 1 ” Is this what Batman feels like?” Fri, 04 Oct 2013 05:55:31 +0000 Administrator Continue reading ]]> ” Today one of my clients told me a story he had heard about a private investigator in Oklahoma. He thought it was a great story and I would enjoy and also learn something from it. I recognized the event he spoke of. I have often made jokes about “being a legend in my own mind”……..but there are “Jeff Smith” stories out there.”

Dare I ask it?  Is this what Batman feels like?

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Common Sense Attitude Fri, 08 Mar 2013 03:55:10 +0000 Administrator Continue reading ]]> Process serving over all is really not a dangerous job; but there is always a chance of
something going wrong. It is just the way the world is now. I keep my eyes open
and am aware of my surroundings. One a daily basis, I use common sense and have
certain safety precautions that I use to the point that they are habit.

I ask questions about the person I am serving. Is it a potentially dangerous
situation? Are they aware of any violence or record of VPO’s or Restraining
Orders ? What do I need to know about?

If I am serving divorce papers, I STRONGLY recommended  do not deliver the papers
when the wife and or kids are home. You have no idea how the person is going to
react. Don’t put others at risk . ( I always ask the best time for service and
also does the spouse know it is coming?) If both parties know about the
divorce, it makes a big difference. When surprised, I have had people simply become
sullen, some burst into tears, one recently almost passed out. Ask questions.
Get information from the attorney giving you the documents.

I am always polite. It is not necessary to act like a “bad ass” even if you are serving the “bad guy”. No matter how bad of day I may have, I do my best to always present a good personality,  be someone with a cheerful attitude. I always dress business casual when working. A smile will get a door opened. I am not there to be confrontational . Remember too, you may have to serve the guy again at some other point. If he is going to remember you, you want to be remembered as a messenger or delivery man, NOT as the guy who changed his life. Remember to “kill” them with kindness. You are not there to judge.

I have been cursed at. It happens. I am not seven years old. Names do not affect me. I do
not stay around and get into an argument . I turn around and walk off. I do not have to have the last word. (I also remember I am getting paid for what I delivered. I have money and he is no longer my problem).

My cell phone is always in my hand, it is a common sense.

If you are an attorney or paralegal reading this PLEASE forewarn your process server if you believe there is a potential of violence.

If it is a domestic case, I always try serving the person at their place of employment. They are less likely to act up in front of their employer.

When serving I don’t put myself in a  compromising position. My car is always
pointed toward the exit. I will even park on the street to avoid backing out. I always know my exit. Again, it is all about common sense.

I do my best not to serve after dark, in a bad neighborhood, that is again about common sense. After dark in a good neighborhood, the person to be served may not open the door, it being after dark.

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Can a Private Investigator Help You? Wed, 12 Sep 2012 23:41:38 +0000 Administrator Continue reading ]]> “Some people want to be in a relationship “so bad” that they will tolerate unhealthy,emotionally damaging abuse by their partner. The abuse doesn’t always mean physical abuse . Emotional abuse can be just as damaging, if not more. Emotional abuse can shatter an individuals self-esteem,their value system – the way they see themselves.
Sometimes, an individual may be afraid to speak up, fearing their partner will leave them, feeling emotionally paralyzed to be alone. But that doesn’t have to be the case. There is no reason for physical abuse to be tolerated, and the same hold true to emotional abuse.”

As a private investigator, I am not here to save your marriage. I know that sounds harsh but I am being realistic. If you have come to me, there are already problems. I am here to get you the answers you need. I am here to help you with answers so you know what to do next.

We ( Armfield Investigations) often get people to lawyers that they need or that can help them. We help get you to shelters so you can be safe. No matter how bad the situation is, we find answers.

That is the main thought when looking to use a private investigator. Can they get you the answers you need? Can a private investigator really help you?


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Rape Defined: Oklahoma Statute Wed, 22 Aug 2012 20:24:13 +0000 Administrator Continue reading ]]> Armfield Investigations is a private investigations service.  We are not lawyers, but we work with and for some of the best in the state. ( In our opinion, some of the best in the Nation).  That being said, we asked  several of them for the legal definition of “Rape” in Oklahoma. The following is the text book response we received. It is important information we thought should be shared.

A. Rape is an act of sexual intercourse involving vaginal or anal penetration accomplished with a male or female who is not the spouse of the perpetrator and who may be of the same or the opposite sex as the perpetrator under any of the following circumstances:

1. Where the victim is under sixteen (16) years of age;

2. Where the victim is incapable through mental illness or any other unsoundness of mind, whether temporary or permanent, of giving legal consent;

3. Where force or violence is used or threatened, accompanied by apparent power of execution to the victim or to another person;

4. Where the victim is intoxicated by a narcotic or anesthetic agent, administered by or with the privity of the accused as a means of forcing the victim to submit;

5. Where the victim is at the time unconscious of the nature of the act and this fact is known to the accused;

6. Where the victim submits to sexual intercourse under the belief that the person committing the act is a spouse, and this belief is induced by artifice, pretense, or concealment practiced by the accused or by the accused in collusion with the spouse with intent to induce that belief. In all cases of collusion between the accused and the spouse to accomplish such act, both the spouse and the accused, upon conviction, shall be deemed guilty of rape;

7. Where the victim is under the legal custody or supervision of a state agency, a federal agency, a county, a municipality or a political subdivision and engages in sexual intercourse with a state, federal, county, municipal or political subdivision employee or an employee of a contractor of the state, the federal government, a county, a municipality or a political subdivision that exercises authority over the victim; or

8. Where the victim is at least sixteen (16) years of age and is less than twenty (20) years of age and is a student, or under the legal custody or supervision of any public or private elementary or secondary school, junior high or high school, or public vocational school, and engages in sexual intercourse with a person who is eighteen (18) years of age or older and is an employee of the same school system.

B. Rape is an act of sexual intercourse accomplished with a male or female who is the spouse of the perpetrator if force or violence is used or threatened, accompanied by apparent power of execution to the victim or to another person


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Active Shooter Wed, 25 Jul 2012 01:18:30 +0000 Administrator Continue reading ]]> When at a game, concerts, and the movies,I always choose seats that I feel safe in.  What do I mean? I choose seats that allow good view of the entire room and I always know where the exit is. It may make me sound parinoid but I feel for more comfortable  I always stack the odds in my favor.  I like to know I can leave quickly. It’s the reason I still back in to a space( if you can’t back into it, you can’t back out of it) and I sit with my back to the wall when I’m eating. The world I grew up in no longer exist. Being a child today,being a person today, is totally different.
I know someday I could be in an active shooter situation.  It could be at a concert or a high school event. It could be a theater or mall. I like to go to fairs and outdoor festivals. Any event , someone with a gun can show up. It is sad to have to admit that in such a blunt way, but it is true. I have basic thoughts about what to do in the event this happens. I’d like to share these with you.
Take cover.  I am not talking about just hide, I am talking about cover. I can hide behind a curtain or under a table. I can take cover behind a brick wall.  Bullets don’t go through everything. If I am going to be behind something, I want it to be as hard and thick as possible. I don’t have statistics on  what bullet will go through what. Commons sense says a concrete wall is better than a chair.
I am going to make a decision and move. I don’t care if it is left or right but I am going to move. Any action is better than no action. Make a decsion, indecision will get you killed.  Mindset is everything. “That guy” does not get to decide when I die. He does not have the right.
I am not going to close my eyes and pray. No offense to anyone, but I am not going to wait on a lightning bolt or any other intervention. I am going to keep my eyes open and do something. I read once where it takes an average shooter six seconds to draw a gun, pick a target , aim and fire. That may not sound like a lot of time but it depends which side of the gun you are on.
I am not in the best shape in the world, but I know I can move at least 20 feet in 6  seconds. Most people can.  Think of the term
“Fight or Flight.”  Keeping my eyes open,be aware and make my decision. Make my decision first. “That guy” with the gun has not in this situation either. He pauses to reload, he pauses to decide or his gun doesn’t do like he expected; in that six seconds , I can be on top of him or I can be gone. Decide what you are going to do and do it.
I live in Oklahoma. Concealed carry handguns are permitted. I carry my handgun on a daily bases. I target shoot at least once a month. I don’t poke holes in paper targets, I practive defensive shooting because I know that’s the real reason I carry a gun . I am a private investigator and a process server , but I have no desire to shoot anybody. I am going to know what I have to if I have to. Practice and be aware is the things that will save my life.
The world is a dangerous place , nothing like when I was a child. I still believe in mosters tho. I just know you don’t have to let them win.


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Background Checks Tue, 22 May 2012 03:49:36 +0000 Administrator Continue reading ]]> It doesn’t matter why or who the person you are investigating is. You can never be too sure about anybody identity until you perform an in depth back ground check to see who you are dealing with. The following are a few typical reasons people come to our office and ask us to help with running a background check.

Job Applicant: Most companies run a background check. The days of a handshake and you are hired is over. A background check on possible applicants shows you are not employing someone with little a bad work history or, worse, a record of criminal behavior. Remember, your employee represents your company and name, if you are the one doing the hiring, you are the one responsible. The people who work for you represent your name to the public.

Babysitter: The nightmare of a parent goes out for one night and come home to find that the babysitter has let something happen to their children. They didn’t pay attention and your child gets hurt. Or even worse, your new babysitter hurts your child. You don’t want just anyone in control of your children’s safety. You need someone you can trust.

Health care professional: The same goes for any medical caregiver who is responsible for the care of an aging parent. Looking into their background will provide comprehensive information to show that they do their job and your parents will have their needs met. Recently, a family was in a rush and hired someone without checking on them. Armfield Investigations found records of drug use, several arrest and outstanding charges. Make sure your family is safe. These decisions should not be rushed.

House keeper: Do you want somebody going through your house and possessions that you do not know?

Online date: Background checks for people met online is a growning part of our business. Anyone can say they are someone they are not and you certainly don’t want to start a relationship on a lie. Check their background for your own safety. I hate to say this, but when asked for background checks for this reason, the news has never been good. Be careful.

Your ex’s new BF/GF : You and your ex are on good terms, and they start dating again, but that new BF/GF has you worried. The kids have said something that has bothered you. Run a background check in private even if it’s just to calm your nerves.

Tenant: You own a property, whoever you decide to rent it to, you want to make sure that they will treat your property as good as their own, they will pay rent on time, or damage your property. This can be expensive and repairs and court cost can add up quickly.

Your own background check: I often advise this after a bad divorce. It is hard enough to start over. Don’t let extra problems show up later. Guard your credit report.

Whatever your reason, it cannot hurt to run a background so you know who you are dealing with. Talk to a private investigator and be safe. Do not find out that was a lie at the worst possible moment.

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Child Support Fri, 04 May 2012 04:17:24 +0000 Administrator Continue reading ]]> At Armfield Investigations, we are the first to point out that we are not attorney’s.  What follows is not legal advice but common sense suggestions in the area of Child Support. We hope our opinions and thoughts from our experiences can help you.

Child Support is an area where emotions can run incredibly high. It is important to keep as objective as possible when it comes to the aspects of your case in which you can control. Below are five helpful tips for your child custody case.

In order to help your Child Custody case, be sure to:

  1. Start your search for a competent child custody attorney as soon as possible. This may seem like common sense, but keep in mind that just because you find an attorney or meet with them, they might not be able to take on your case. This can be because of case load, conflict of interest, or for other reasons. Don’t wait until the day before a hearing to start your search!
  2. Be completely honest with your attorney. As in any other practice area, attorneys can best represent you when they know all of the relevant facts. This allows them to plan strategy and prepare for potential attacks. Additionally, remember that the nature of the attorney-client relationship is confidential, so anything you tell your attorney in regards to your child custody case will be kept in the strictest of confidence.
  3. Do not sign anything without your attorney reviewing it first. This is not unique to child custody cases, but may be even more detrimental considering what is at stake. If your spouse approaches you to sign a document, and pressures you to sign without having your attorney “intervene,” resist the impulse. Child custody attorneys are experienced in the practice area, and know what essential terms must be present, and how an agreement will be treated by the court. Also, remember that an attorney represents your interests only.
  4. Follow the Court Order completely. Even if your spouse violates the order, you should be sure to follow your part of the order as it is written. For example, be sure to pick up your child at the times and locations stated, and have them ready to be picked up, or drop them off on time. Obviously situations arise that call for changes of plan, but be sure that these are communicated well in advance, so as to avoid any potential causes for conflict.
  5. Keep detailed records.Keep a detailed diary or calendar of the specific days each child was with you and those with the other parent. Note the times of pick up and return of the child. Try to briefly outline activities that the child engaged in. Note the person who picked up and returned your child, in addition to whether this was in accordance with your agreement. If you are receiving or paying child support, make a note of each check number, the date of receipt or payment, and the amount of the check. These records will be helpful for your attorney’s purposes, and to keep an accurate record
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Process Server Oklahoma Fri, 06 Apr 2012 02:27:43 +0000 Administrator Continue reading ]]> The process server’s job is to deliver court notifications and summons to those who are involved in legal matters. Although the job may be seen as merely that of a messenger or courier, the skills required to be an excellent process server go far beyond those of a traditional messenger. The process server meets people at a unique point in their lives. Their reactions run the gamut from startled to angry, and pleasant to evasive. The process server must be able to size up a recipient and modify his behavior and mannerisms to evoke the best possible response. Here is a summary of the skills that are needed to be a successful process server.
In many jurisdictions, local law enforcement officials routinely make the first attempt to serve process in any case. If things go well, the papers are served and the officer moves on. If there are difficulties, however, the officer may not have the time to dedicate to the situation. Often it is only at this point that an outside process server becomes involved.
The process server must be both persistent and patient. The situation may be complex, requiring the server to enter into a cat and mouse game. Sometimes outright surveillance and trailing are necessary. The server may need to interview the recipient’s family and friends, gather information as to his or her movements and even set up ambushes.
Quick Thinking
The process server must be able to think one step ahead of the recipient. He or she must be able to lay out a plan for serving an individual, yet change that plan at a moment’s notice. The server must always react out of logic rather than emotion and must always remain conscious of federal, state and local laws.
Thick Skinned and Calm
A process server may be made fun of, have doors slammed in his face or even be physically threatened. He or she must be thick skinned enough not to take these attacks personally. He must be able to remain calm and logical even in heated situations.
Diligent and Informed
A good process server understands the need to be fully prepared before attempting to serve papers. He or she will work to develop an understanding of the recipient’s appearance, demeanor, habits and other important traits. He will be able to keep his overall goal in mind, and recognize when it is necessary to abort an attempt in favor of trying a new plan.
A defense attorney may attempt to challenge the service in an effort to have the case thrown out. The process server should, therefore, be extremely knowledgeable in the laws and procedures that govern process serving. He or she must be confident that the service was performed legally and properly, and be able to defend the circumstances against challenges.
The Bottom Line
There is much more to being a process server than simply delivering paperwork to a known address. The process server must be equal parts messenger and detective. She must be able to read people and situations quickly and accurately. A thick skin, persistent nature and ability to remain calm under pressure are critical attributes. He or she must also be knowledgeable of the relevant laws and procedures, and able to maintain focus even in heated situations.

Contact Armfield Investigations for any questions concerning Process Service anytime  (405)596-3455

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Abusive Relationship Signs Fri, 16 Mar 2012 02:16:51 +0000 Administrator Continue reading ]]> Many times people find themselves in relationships that seem “okay” or they believe that everything “is just about perfect” – when actually they have no idea just how unhealthy or abusive their relationship  really is.

If you find yourself questioning your relationship there may indeed be some underlying reason. At times it may seem that you are simply self-doubting yourself. Self-doubt happens to everyone and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if your self-doubts are spring-up because of the way you are begin treated by your partner then you may have reasons to be concerned, as it may be signs of abuse.

Many times people want to be in a relationship “so bad” that they will tolerate unhealthy and emotionally damaging abuse by their partner. The abuse doesn’t necessarily mean physical abuse either. Emotional abuse can be just as damaging, if not more. Emotional abuse can shatter an individuals self-esteem and their value system – the way they see themselves.

In some cases, an individual may be afraid to speak up, fearing their partner will leave them and they feel emotionally paralyzed to be alone. But that doesn’t have to be the case. There is no reason for physical abuse to be tolerated, and the same hold true to emotional abuse.

As a private investigator, I often get involved in the end of relationships. When one person decides to get their life back on track by ending how they have been treated and moving on to a healthy environment.  Sadly at times , leaving means get the person to an abuse shelter for safety reasons and personal protection. Sometimes it means helping them find a lawyer so they can get what they need in the legal system. As a private investigator, I find the answers and information they need to move forward.

Here is a list of  warning signs I often see and hear about when looking into bad relationships. They show examples  that you may be in an unhealthy and abusive relationship and that in some way your partner is being abusive to you – mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually and financially:

“Remember you have the right to your own self respect. You can refuse to be treated certain ways.” Does this describe your Marriage or relationship?
Your partner is self-centered, rude or inconsiderate when they:

… Always expects you to answer the door or telephone.
… Always wants you to drop everything while you are “being summoned.”
… Is adamant about talking to you while you are busy – while you are trying to watch television or trying to read.
… Constantly interrupts people and makes them feel unwelcome and uncomfortable in your home.
… Refuses to turn down the television or radio while you are on the phone or while other people are visiting or talking.
… Becomes angry, agitated, distant and completely unapologetic when their rude behavior is pointed out.
… Refuses to go outside to smoke when they know it bothers you and others.

Your partner is jealous of time you spend with family and friends and the help you give others when they:

… Become easily agitated and angry for spending “too much time” with friends, family, or children.
… Tell you it’s always “a bad time” for you or for them to talk to family members on the phone.
… Feel that giving help, time and energy is “wasted” if given to children.
… Become infuriated when you do favors for family and friends or give them things.
… Would rather have you throw something away than give it to someone in need.

Your partner feels threatened or is completely shut down when it comes to your personal goals, dreams, and desires when they:

… They tell you or imply that your personal interests take up too much time.
… Believes that your personal interests and hobbies are stupid, boring, pointless, a waste of time, and/or inferior to their own.
… Is dead set against accompanying you and refuses to attend any function or event that interests you.
… Causes drama and picks a fight before an event that is important to you.

Your partner does not respect your right to make your own decisions when they:

… Insinuate that whatever you think of feel always “affects them” and therefore you should not make a decision and that it must always be a “joint” decision.
… Cause a fight and get agitated or tell you they are disappointed in you when you don’t take their advice.
… Constantly humiliate, criticize or question whatever you do if you make a decision without their input or approval.

Your partner considers their own logic or intellect to be far superior to anyone else (including your own) when they:

… Insists that their way is the “only way.”
… Claims that their arguments are based on logic or sound evidence and that yours are stupid and emotionally based.

… Refuses to recognize or places no value on decisions made based on feelings or intuition.
… Believes that only their opinion counts and that any opinion you have is invalid, illogical, hysterical, or selfish.
… Will not listen and are completely intolerant of any criticism of their own behavior.
… Believe everyone around them – including their employer and/or employees – are all defective somehow.
… Always considers your friends to be incompetent fools and idiots.
Your partner is extremely opinionated and critical of others when they:

… Are either racist or sexist – or both.
… Are critical about other people and their behavior.
… Are completely unable to listen to opinions that differ from their own.
… Always has a double standards for their behavior.
… Are obnoxious and rude to your friends and family.

… Dislikes your family and tries to put a wedge between you and them.

Your partner always has “trouble” at work:

… They can not hold steady employment or change jobs frequently.
… Rationalizes that they are always the victim in employment setbacks.
… Believes that their boss is “out to get them” and treats them poorly.
… Believes that their coworkers are “out to get them” and are secretly working against them.

Your partner disregards laws or social customs that interfere with their own personal goals or pleasure when they:

… Refuse to follow family or religious customs.
… Feels there is no point in observing holidays and that gift giving is frivolous and for “losers.”
… Fell that anyone who works hard for a living are “idiots and suckers.”
… Are scornful of the government or the “system.”
… Use illegal drugs and don’t want to hear about it.

Your partner is very concerned about their “public image” when they:

… Throw a fit and easily gets angry if they think you made them look bad in front of others.
… Become another person in public.
… Treat you better in front of their friends or strangers.
… Treats you better in public than in private.
… Brag about you or your accomplishments to others, but rarely if ever pay you a compliment in person.

Your partner attempts to make you jealous or insecure when they:

… Constantly threaten to leave you.
… Insinuate they have other lovers waiting in the wings.
… Measure you up to previous lovers.
… Constantly tell you how good you have it with them and that no one will ever care about you the way they do.

Your partner is jealous and suspicious when they:

… Always accuses you of infidelity or having someone else on the side.
… Always tell you that friends of the opposite sex are trying to seduce you and take you away.
… Puts you down by saying the only way you got your job is because of your looks.
… Refuses to let you do anything on your own because you might meet someone else there.

Your partner rushes the relationship when they:

… Insist and pressures you that you must  live together
… Insist and tries to pressure you into have sex before you are ready.
… Propose marriage too early in the relationship.

Your partner does not respect your privacy when they:

… Listen in on your private phone calls.
… Check the calls you make on your cell phone.
… Reads your diary or journal.
… Opens your mail.
… Break into your email account.

Your partner manipulates you and others to achieve their goals when they:

… Try to use guilt trips to make you feel bad about yourself.
… Do questionable things that are illegal or dishonest.
… Try to get you to do or say things that you are not comfortable with.
… Says they will either kill themselves or you if you don’t do as they say.
… Bullies you until you agree with them.
Your partner is intolerant of children or animals when they:

… Refuse to change or feed the baby.
… Refuse to have pets or children in the home because of the mess or inconvenience.
… Treat their own children better than their step-children.
… Believe children don’t deserve the level of respect or support as adults.
… Are cruel to animals.

Your partner insists that only THEY are the victim in the relationship when they:

… Mirror a situation and say that you are being selfish, rude, self-centered, uncooperative and more, when they are exhibiting that behavior themselves towards you and others.

… Insist they are trying to keep things together but that you are undermining the relationship.
… Threaten suicide or to kill you if you say you are leaving them.
Your partners ignores other peoples feeling and needs when they:

… Insist on eating fast food for dinner while you are on  a diet.
… Blares the television when they know you have a headache.
… Insist on eating spicy food when you have an upset stomach.
… Insists that you must help with chores when you are feeling sick.

Your partner takes no personal responsibility when they:

… Blame others for problems.
… Deny saying or doing hurtful things.
… Refuse to apologize for bad behavior.
… Apologize, but then continue to repeat the same hurtful behavior.
… Avoid duties, obligations, and debts and try to make them YOUR responsibility.

“Some relationships are like living in a house that is on fire. There is a point when you know you have to get out before you die.”


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Stalker Mon, 13 Feb 2012 18:32:34 +0000 Administrator Continue reading ]]> The news headlines were buzzing: A female reporter had been secretly videotaped in the nude, and the videos posted on the internet. The suspect was an insurance company executive from the Chicago area. He was accused of cutting viewing holes through hotel room doors with a hacksaw, and using a cell phone camera to photograph her inside her hotel room.

Stalking Is a Crime

The suspect in this scenario was charged with stalking. He apparently asked for a hotel room next to the stalking victim at hotels in Tennessee and Milwaukee then videotaped her with his cell phone camera through the peephole. He then tried selling the videos to a celebrity gossip site. They were also uploaded the videos to the internet.

Because the offenses believed to occur throughout many states, charges were brought by the US Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles with violations of federal laws prohibiting interstate stalking. Federal courts have jurisdiction or authority over matters which involve federal laws, interstate commerce and disputes between residents of different states.

The definition of “stalking” varies by state. Local law enforcement authorities and prosecutors interpret these laws according to prior cases and common practice. An attorney licensed in the state where the stalking occurred can give advice about specific laws.

Stalking Victims Seek a Protection Order

Stalking victims generally have various legal protections. First, if the stalking involves conduct as extreme as that described above, the following steps can be taken to protect yourself:

  • Contact the police so that an investigation can begin immediately; and
  • File a protection order if you know the stalker’s identity

An initial hearing requesting a temporary order of protection can often take place without notice to the person. If the judge grants the request, a sheriff’s deputy or private investigator will then serve the suspected stalker with a copy of the court’s order.

The order prohibits any contact with you and set the date for a hearing to request a long-term order of protection. An attorney should represent you at such hearings so important evidence will be presented in the proper way.

Prevent Improper Cell Phone Use

Many people have their own cell phones with camera features, including young children and teenagers. However, use of the camera feature should be strictly supervised. They should never be used to photograph people without their consent. It’s especially important for parents to warn their children of the importance of safeguarding the privacy of themselves and others by not misusing the cell phone camera.

Law enforcement authorities in many areas have been vigilant about cracking down on people who misuse cell phone cameras and videotaping devices for taking and disseminating nude photos. Especially photos of people under 18 years old. It’s important to explain the risks and consequences of such conduct to teens, who otherwise may find themselves in juvenile court.

You, as a parent, could be a defendant in a civil suit if it’s claimed that you inadequately supervised your children and knowingly allowed such conduct. Seek the advice of an attorney for an understanding of the consequences and remedies if you or your family have been photographed, or have taken photographs, in this way.

Many stalkers are harmless, but celebrities know that it can lead to extreme situations. Don’t let the situation get out of control before taking action.

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